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Want to be on the cutting edge?

Mark Savant Media is GROWING!

We’re looking for talented, curious, driven people to join our agency as we create the next generation of podcast thought-leaders.

The creator space is changing rapidly, and this change results in a lot of challenges for creators. We embrace the change and use it to our advantage.

We are a dynamic, fast moving company committed to experimenting with new software and strategies.


Why join MSM?

We are more than a company. We’re a family. As a family we communicate and invest in each other. As the founder, I want to make sure you have access to the tools you need to do a great job. 

We frequently try new cutting-edge AI software. If you want to remain relevant in a quickly changing creative market, MSM is where you want to be. AI art, transcription, and editing tools are changing the game. I want you to not just use them, but master these tools. 

You are our greatest competitive advantage.

-Mark Savant

Core values

  • Curiosity – We strive to stand out by continuously innovating, testing, and mastering new tools and techniques. 
  • Communication – Team members communicate not only with managers, but fellow team members and clients. This open dialogue allows us to make adjustments quickly
  • Personal Accountability – We care about our clients. Team members take client work seriously, and strive to create the best quality product in a timely fashion. We don’t micro manage team-members! You manage yourself!

Current Openings

  • Quality Control
    • Confirming assets are ready
    • Watching for typos
    • Reviewing accuracy
    • Confirming uploads 
  • Video / Audio Editor
    • Clean up sound
    • Add intros / outros
    • Audio enhancements
    • “Short clip” creation
    • Subtitle creation
    • Uploading to RSS host and YouTube
  • Graphic Editor
    • Create show templates
    • Banners for social media / YouTube
    • Podcast assets
  • Blog Creator
    • Show notes
    • Word press episode setup
    • SEO optimization skill
  • YouTube Optimization
    • Keywords
    • Thumbnail A/B testing
    • Subtitles
    • SEO
    • Tube Buddy / VidIQ 


Our team!

Mark Savant at Podfest 2023

Mark Savant

Founder / Team Lead


Manager / Copywriting


Social Media Management


Audio / Video Editor


YouTube Optimization


Graphic Design