My why

A few years ago, my 90 year old grandfather asked me to sit down with him. He opened an old, leathery book and started turning the pages. As he showed me old newspaper clippings, photos, and documents, I had a stunning realization.


One day, I would be sitting in his seat speaking to my grandkids.


I took a hard look at my life, and asked myself, “what do I want my scrap book to look like?”


This stunning realization set my life on a trajectory I never could have imagined. I was always a good employee. I excelled at every job I fulfilled, but I realized that the direction my life was headed was not what I wanted to present to my grandchildren in 50 years. I realized that for me to be fulfilled, I needed to embark on a tremendous journey that would push all my limits.


I sat down and considered my options. I could go back to University for more school. I could find another job that had more upward mobility. Heck, I could tell myself, “Stay the course, this is as good as it gets!”


No. These were not the options for me. I wanted to create. I wanted to build amazing things. And so I did.

The podcast solution

I started investigating all sorts of businesses. From selling T-Shirts, to insurance agencies, to affiliate marketing, to buying vending machines. Nothing. Felt. Right.


Until I started podcasting. 


Suddenly, I felt purpose. I was excited to start the day. I felt tremendous growth in my personal and professional life. Thousands of people were listening to my voice. Unexpected doors started opening. I was speaking with amazing people. I was seeing fresh business opportunities. 


Then something happened. People started paying me to help them create their shows. They started telling their friends. I finally saw a path that would allow me to create the legacy I had been searching for.


There’s nothing quite like sitting with a new client for the first time. I loved hearing people’s problems, and working together to find solutions. Helping people bring their ideas to life was just an amazing feeling. 


And that feeling hasn’t gone away.


Take action

I’m all in. Podcasting isn’t going anywhere. The world is changing, and digital communication is at the forefront. The most valuable asset you have is your digital presence, and podcasting is the core of your digital brand.


If you’ve read up to this point, it’s safe to say you get it. The world is changing, and you can either ride the wave or get swept under it. 


You can live with regrets or you can take a small action today.


Take action, click the button, and let’s hop on a free call.


I can’t wait to be part of your solution.



-Mark Savant



The more you give, the more you receive.


“Every project worth doing, is worth doing well”


Open, prompt communication lead to amazing results.

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