Recommended Podcast Gear – The Gear You Need to Record Great Content

Recording on Location adds authenticity and vibrancy to your podcast, but it also brings a unique set of challenge, especially in terms of equipment. This guide breaks down the essential gear you need to ensure your remote recordings are as professional and seamless as those made in studio.

Must Have Equipment List for Recording on Location

  1. Portable Digital Recorder
    1. Zoom H6:
      1. This device is small, portable, and high quality
      2. Supports up to 4 XLR mic connections
      3. Requires SD card
  2. Microphone for each person
    1. Budget: Audio Technica ATR2100x:
      1. Windshield recommended:
    2. Premium: Shure SM7B:
      1. XLR Cable sold separately:
  3. Mic Stand
    1. InnoGear Desk Stand:
  4. Headphones (not required for recording, but useful to set audio levels)
    1. OneOdio:
  5. SD cards (I recommend Micro SD cards with adapters for flexibility)
  6. Extra batteries, charge station, extension chords
  7. Cable organizers:
  8. Laptop recommended for more complex setups or editing on scene

Portable Video Podcast Gear

Recording video adds an additional layer of complexity. Getting lighting right on location is immensely difficult. Using natural light from windows is important. You should always aim to have the brightest light on the subject’s face and beware background light turning the subject into a dark shadow.

  1. Cameras for 3 angles
    1. Mevo:
      1. You will need stand for the cameras
      2. You need phone to control cameras 
  2. Lighting
    1. Budget option
      1. Softbox:
    2. Mid price option
      1. LED:
    3. Premium price option