ANATOLIY LABINSKIY – AI in your Marketing Tech Stack

Anatoliy Labinskiy, a four-time Two Comma Club award recipient, is owner of GSM Growth Agency, as well as a co-founder of As the host of the Ecom Business Stream Podcast, Anatoliy shares real-life success stories, solidifying his reputation as a leading figure in the e-commerce landscape.

In this episode, Anatoliy explains how AI is reshaping the e-commerce marketing landscape for health businesses. We explore how and where to add artificial intelligence into our tech stack, specifically in marketing.

The digital landscape bristles with untapped potential, and Anatoliy Labinskiy knows this well. On the latest episode of “After Hours Entrepreneur,” Anatoliy Labinskiy unveiled how he leverages a bot, EcomScout, to craft marketing copy that resonates. This tool, grounded in successful case studies, top entrepreneurial literature, and real-world business know-how, offers custom-tailored content at a startup-friendly price.

Affordable Innovation for E-commerce Expansion

Crucially, EcomScout promises affordability. It’s designed with the budget of newcomers in mind. Besides, the platform’s relationship with Shopify underscores its e-commerce leanings. Here, the focus is unambiguous – enhance ad performance on key platforms like Facebook, Google, and TikTok. Moreover, it shuns fake data, providing users a genuine edge for their businesses.

Celebrating Action over Passivity

During the dialogue, Anatoliy Labinskiy championed the ethos of action. He invites listeners to reach out with queries, fostering an environment where stagnation is the only misstep. Host Mark Savant echoed these sentiments, lauding AI’s role in distilling potent marketing tactics. Their exchange painted a picture of a world where resources like AI level the entrepreneurial field.

Democratizing Success Through Technology

The episode highlighted the democratizing power of tech. They portrayed a vibrant scene: self-publishers flourishing, content creators thriving independently, and AI tools refining reach. What emerges is a narrative of empowerment. It’s about harnessing the capabilities of AI to mitigate the challenges – like those stemming from iOS 14 updates, which have muddied attribution waters.

Human Touch in the AI Ecosystem

Indeed, Anatoliy Labinskiy and Mark Savant delved into AI’s cost trajectory. They predict its decline as AI solutions gain robustness. It’s a matter of time before these options are widespread. They also emphasized EcomScout’s commitment to user feedback. They are integrating AI-curated ad copies to streamline marketing research.

Beyond Technology: The Importance of Human Insight

Furthermore, our speakers didn’t shy away from existential questions. They pondered AI chatbots’ potential impact on meetings, stressing the significance of quality prompts. Mark shared anecdotes of automation aiding marketing. He emphasized constant adjustments to these systems.

Rethinking Traditional Education in an AI World

The conversation veered towards the current educational landscape. The duo underscored networking’s value over accumulating debt. They questioned the utility of non-specialized degrees. Similarly, Anatoliy Labinskiy mused over the IT sector’s evolution. He stressed the critical need for industry professionals to remain agile amidst technological advancements.

Practical Applications of Automation Tools

Anatoliy Labinskiy introduced us to GoHighLevel, software facilitating cold email automation. This tool helps overcome spam filters, ensuring deliverability. It stands as testament to the strides made in CRM and automation tools. The duo appreciated these technological aids for their efficiency and ability to foster passive income.

Crafting a Connection to Convert Cold Leads

Furthermore, our expert guest shared strategies for engaging cold leads. He advocated for a subtle approach with welcome emails first. Only engage further with those showing interest. This method values authentic connection, providing worth before initiating sales talk.

AI as a Crucial Team Member in E-Commerce

Mark Savant and Anatoliy Labinskiy unveiled new facets of AI’s involvement in e-commerce. They discussed how AI, especially Chat GPT, aids in discerning market trends. The podcast illuminated the significance of feeding precise demographic data into AI to obtain potent results. Anatoliy showcased savvy techniques. He uses AI extensions on Chrome to glean insights from Amazon reviews.

AI’s Double-Edged Sword: Job Creation and Automation

Both speakers discussed AI’s duality. It could spell job redundancies or represent a prolific source of employment. Thus, understanding how to craft effective AI prompts stands crucial. Anatoliy Labinskiy’s admission about his struggle with emails illustrated how creativity merged with AI could be a winning combo. A compelling creative email crafted with AI’s aid captivated him, highlighting AI’s power when paired with human ingenuity.

The Brave New World of Automated Conveniences

An engrossing case study spotlighted a health booking website. Their chatbot, equipped with specific medical prompts, decreased reliance on human assistance. This exemplifies AI’s value when applied judiciously. As they wrapped up, the vision they projected was clear: AI’s potential is vast. Yet, the narrative is complex, involving job automation anxiety and adaptive strategies.

In sum, Anatoliy Labinskiy’s insights provided “After Hours Entrepreneur” listeners with a deep dive into AI’s profound implications on modern marketing. Mark Savant’s conversation extrapolated these insights into broader musings on technological adaptability and the entrepreneurial spirit. As the dialogues from this episode reverberate, they leave us considering our roles amidst the AI revolution.

Takeaways with Anatoliy Labinskiy

  1. Harness AI for Competitive Edge
  2. Innovate with Automation
  3. Keep Learning and Adapting


00:00 Identify niche, target audience, analyze Amazon reviews.

05:47 Integrate data with Excel for detailed demographic analysis.

09:33 Incredible CRM software called Gohelelevel described.

11:02 Using CRM for SMS and callings bottleneck.

15:46 Send soft welcome emails with value only.

19:38 Struggling with emails, creativity wins in marketing.

23:06 Chatbot aids in healthcare and sales process.

25:46 Adapt and manage decisions in changing times.

32:36 University networking is crucial for future success.

36:49 AI platform tracks sales, surpasses competitors’ pricing.

39:31 Compete with low prices, understand customer needs.

42:04 Efficient, affordable marketing automation for new businesses.

44:24 Attribution, cash flow, and affordable solutions for startups.

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