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Brad Stevens is the Founder/CEO of Outsource Access that helps businesses redefine how they scale with affordable, talented staff from the Philippines.

In the vibrant world of entrepreneurship, time is a precious commodity. To unpack the power of outsourcing, Mark Savant, host of ‘After Hours Entrepreneur’, sat down with Brad Stevens. Stevens, a maestro in leveraging offshore talent, shed light on how entrepreneurs can use outsourcing to propel their business forward.

The True Face of Outsourcing

Many harbor misconceptions about outsourcing, picturing it as a mere cost-saving maneuver. Yet, Brad Stevens illustrated that it’s more than that – it’s about tapping into a global pool of competent individuals. Particularly, he praises the work ethic found in the Philippines, suggesting that entrepreneurs overlook these talents at their peril.

Benefits of Offshore Staffing

Imagine your business buzzing with activity, round-the-clock. This dream can turn into a reality with offshore staffing. As Brad Stevens pointed out, asynchronous communication and modern tools can facilitate seamless, secure remote collaboration. Mark Savant chipped in with his own success story, highlighting the satisfaction and loyalty of his team in the Philippines.

Delegating for Top-Line Growth

Surprisingly, outsourcing can be a strategic driver for top-line revenue growth. It allows sales representatives to focus on closing the big deals by offloading non-essential tasks to offshore professionals. For sales teams, this “sales acceleration” tactic can be a game-changer.

Finding the Right Tasks to Outsource

However, diving into outsourcing requires a strategic approach. Brad Stevens suggests a simple exercise. Enumerate tasks that drain your time or remain undone due to constraints. These are prime candidates for delegation to a virtual assistant.

Embracing Automation and AI

Moreover, Brad champions the adoption of automation and AI tools. They’re not only for improving operational efficiency. They also serve as a helping hand in managing online reviews and ramping up social media presence.

Integrating Outsourced Talent

Nonetheless, plugging external staff into your company’s culture warrants careful consideration. Brad Stevens insists on the importance of aligning the mission and values across your workforce. By understanding the business, even remote workers can contribute to strategy and resonate with the brand’s voice.

The Power of Nurtured Connections

On nurturing relationships, Brad Stevens advocates for the significance of continuous engagement. He points to the wonder of a prospect reigniting communication after two years, all thanks to consistent nurturing efforts. Providing valuable, non-intrusive content is key to keeping the communication lines warm.

Automating for Scale

As a business scales, so must its operations. Both Brad and Mark discussed the overwhelming array of digital tools available. They underlined the cruciality of selecting tools that match your business needs. Use them to automate and fine-tune your growth strategy.

LinkedIn Outreach – The Brad Stevens Way

Brad Steven’s LinkedIn game is strategic and content-focused. He doesn’t push for immediate sales. Instead, his outreach centers on delivering value. His team crafts industry-specific content that beckons commercial real estate agents to his webinars.

Earning the Right to Promote

The ultimate goal of their approach is to establish credibility. This credibility allows for the soft promotion of services down the line. By that time, recipients are more receptive because they’ve already absorbed the value offered.

In conclusion, Brad Steven’s conversation with Mark is a treasure trove of insights on outsourcing. It highlights the transformative potential of external teams, especially for entrepreneurs seeking to grow their businesses without compromising quality. Take Brad Steven’s advice: Reach out, delegate wisely, and watch your enterprise thrive.

Takeaways with Brad Stevens

  1. Outsourcing boosts sales and business scaling.
  2. Hire and train offshore staff effectively.
  3. Enhance blog strategy through outsourcing.


00:00 Doubt and fears about outsourcing for business.

03:13 Asynchronous communication allows for work efficiency.

07:01 Hiring offshore staff boosts sales team efficiency.

11:07 Build relationships by adding value before asking.

13:48 Email nurture series adds industry-specific value.

18:01 Creating email templates, vetting writers, consistent execution.

19:57 Digital ecosystem offers plethora of tools, challenges.

22:36 Business owners need to communicate effectively.

25:10 Scaling time leads to happier family and wallet.

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