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Dana Malstaff is the founder of Boss Mom and creator of BossMom+. She’s a mother, author, speaker, podcaster, messaging expert, and movement maker. She believes that too many brilliant moms are struggling to figure out how to grow their business while balancing all that is required to be a good mom, partner, and woman. Dana launched BossMom+ as a social media alternative where moms can network, collaborate, support, and sell.

The Influence of Podcasting in Building Trust

Both Dana Malstaff and Mark Savant are passionate about podcasting as a marketing tool. Podcasting offers an unparalleled way to build “know, like, and trust.” Dana Malstaff shares her personal experience of how podcast appearances turned cold leads warm. She emphasizes that being featured on podcasts helps establish authority and credibility. This, in turn, leads to a welcoming reception from potential leads.

However, Mark acknowledges its limitations. He believes that while podcasting fosters trust, it may not always convert cold leads immediately. Nevertheless, both agree that podcasting is crucial for attracting potential customers. It takes time but is highly effective in the long run.

Leveraging AI and Automated Tools for Marketing

Dana Malstaff and Mark highlight the utility of AI tools in content dissemination. ManyChat, for instance, is an AI chat bot perfect for automating lead generation. Dana Malstaff acknowledges concerns about Facebook or Meta potentially shutting it down, but she still finds it valuable. She also emphasizes the importance of repurposing content using AI tools. These systems save time and increase the volume of content output.

The Debate: Short-Form Content vs Long-Form Engagement

The duo discusses the sustainability of short-form content. Short-form content like 5-second reels on Instagram can generate leads quickly. Dana Malstaff finds them particularly effective and easy to use. However, maintaining integrity in content creation is crucial, they agree. Balancing short-term and long-term strategies is essential. Dana Malstaff introduces the concepts of nurture messaging, results messaging, and conversion messaging. Each has a role in a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Paid Communities: The Next Big Thing

Dana Malstaff predicts a major shift in how communities are formed and managed online. Within the next decade, she believes most Facebook groups will become irrelevant. Instead, paid spaces for communities will rise. Dana Malstaff reflects on her own decision to shut down a Facebook group with 75,000 members. Management challenges and an inability to reach her ideal audience drove her decision. She felt that paid communities would provide similar benefits but with more control and engagement.

The Importance of Emotional Niching and Personal Branding

Both Dana Malstaff and Mark emphasize the importance of emotional niching. Connecting with your audience’s emotions can uncover their true demographic. Dana Malstaff outlines this as focusing on what individuals want to change about the world. It’s about a shared vision and being part of that change. Mark naturally connects with people through his rants and stories. These create engagement and intrigue, essential components for lasting relationships.

Building a More Authentic and Efficient Business

Mark highlights his own experience with focusing on optimal growth. He mentions the book “The Pumpkin Plan” as a resource. Dana agrees, stating that focusing on the 20% of activities that work is essential. This mindset is credited to successful entrepreneurs. Cutting down on the 80% that doesn’t work leads to better results and less frustration.

Conclusion: Strategies for Sustainable Growth

Dana Malstaff emphasizes the importance of storytelling in marketing. Using “I” in communications helps create belonging and foster trust. Responses like “amen” or “I needed to hear this today” build loyalty. Both Dana Malstaff and Mark highlight the importance of both short-term and long-term strategies. Podcasting, personalized emails, and even shutting down groups can be part of a sustainable growth strategy.

Mark and Dana’s insights provide a comprehensive look into modern marketing. From the evolution of email marketing to the future of digital communities, they offer valuable advice for entrepreneurs. Staying adaptable and focusing on what truly works is key for long-term success.

Takeaways with Dana Malstaff

  1. Optimize marketing for immediate and long-term success.
  2. Create a catalyst for business growth.
  3. Develop vital feedback loops for business tracking.


00:00 Podcast fosters influence and product recommendations.

05:13 Podcast features boost business sales significantly.

06:55 Relationships deepen when recommending personally used items.

11:33 Stay top of mind, anticipate catalysts for action.

13:40 Long-term networking key for quick connections.

20:04 Maintaining integrity while adapting to business changes.

23:25 Email evolves, human nature remains constant.

24:59 Revamped email content for improved newsletter engagement.

29:46 Teaching emotional niching for audience connection.

32:11 Create belonging and connection through shared experiences.

35:24 Transitioning to a paid community for trust and integrity.

39:12 Monetizing skills and self-reflection after the movie.

42:33 Focus on what works, not everything else.

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