DAVE RUBIN – Founding Locals, Independent Media, Free Speech, and SAAS solutions

Dave Rubin is the host of The Rubin Report, a top-ranking talk show with over 1billion views and millions of subscribers. It’s recognized as one of the most influential spaces for candid conversations about politics, polarizing issues, current events, and more.

He’s the NYT best-selling author of Don’t Burn this Book and Don’t Burn this Country.

He is the founder of Locals, a subscription-based digital platform that empowers creators to be independent by giving them control over their content and data.

Dave explains why and how he founded Locals, as a Blue Ocean solution to big tech censorship. He shares how societal perspectives on success vary and the drive that pushes him to constantly seek new opportunities.

We also delve into Dave’s experiences with Rumble, an alternative to YouTube, and the hurdles faced in building an ecosystem that provides a platform for free speech. Dave sheds light on the growing role of AI in our lives and expresses concerns about its potential ramifications.

Rubin discusses his involvement with Rumble, a platform aiming to provide a free speech alternative to YouTube. Initially attracting individuals concerned with free speech, Rumble is now venturing into gaming, collaborating with renowned figures like Dana White and UFC. The speaker highlights the importance of building an ecosystem and allowing it time to develop and find its niche. The conversation then shifts towards the potential impact of AI, with Rubin expressing concerns about the lack of regulation surrounding this transformative technology. He explores the blurred lines between digital and carbon-based reality, suggesting that society may already be on a path similar to “The Matrix.”

Dave Rubin shares his understanding of masculinity, emphasizing that it’s more about personal responsibility and taking care of oneself and the world. He draws inspiration from Jordan Peterson’s ideas and highlights the misconceptions that surround masculinity.

We can conclude by understanding that opportunity is everywhere. As Dave notes many big tech companies, media outlets, and universities have taken strong political stances. These political stances exclude 40% of the population. This creates massive “Blue Ocean” opportunities for those that step up to serve the 40% that feel excluded. Is it better to play safe or risk creating solutions that may upset others?

Takeaways with Dave Rubin:

  • Founding, scaling and selling Locals.com
  • Rumble as an alternative to YouTube and its evolution
  • Miami as an Entrepreneurial Hub
  • Concerns about the impact of artificial intelligence
  • What everyone is missing about Masculinity


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Dave Rubin Timestamps:

[00:01:57] Wealth, happiness, and purpose intertwined with success.

[00:05:07] Notebook visions and constant ideation for future endeavors.

[00:06:21] VCs flee to Miami as fundraising proves challenging.

[00:14:22] Rumble filled free speech gap, becoming political.

[00:18:47] Beck not mainstream; Iowa strategy important.

[00:21:32] Safer cities, less homelessness, better quality of life

[00:25:36] Freedom, small businesses thrive in South Miami.

[00:27:23] Underestimated AI; senators lack understanding and tools.

[00:29:58] Silver lining to COVID: city dwellers adapt.

[00:32:55] Masculinity requires fatherhood?