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Garr Russell is a passionate Christian entrepreneur who has seen the profound effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health and relationships. Motivated by a calling to inspire, he urges fellow Christian entrepreneurs to reenter the marketplace and embrace marketplace ministry. Despite business setbacks during the pandemic, Garr believes new opportunities lie ahead and encourages others to reignite their entrepreneurial ventures guided by faith.

Birth of an Idea: Solving Personal Pain Points

Garr Russell’s entrepreneurial journey began with a simple purchase. He bought an RV for his wife. However, she didn’t enjoy it, leaving Garr with an expensive asset that wasn’t in use. That’s when the idea struck him. What if he could turn this liability into an asset by renting it out? This question led to the birth of Fireside RV Rental, a business that now services hundreds of families across 40 locations in the country. The company’s unique model connects RV owners with renters, turning unused vehicles into income-generating assets.

The Unlikely Path of an RV Entrepreneur

For Garr, entrepreneurship wasn’t just a business venture. He believes everyone is born as an entrepreneur. This mindset is particularly significant for Christian entrepreneurs. According to Garr, entrepreneurship allows one to dream big and use imagination to address challenges. His emphasis is on the importance of taking risks, learning from failures, and continually dreaming and building.

Leveraging AI for Sales Success

One of the standout aspects of Fireside RV Rental is its efficient sales process. Typically, franchise brokers have a longer sales process. However, Garr’s business operates with an impressive two-week timeline. How is this possible? The answer lies in leveraging AI and automation. The company uses a chatbot sequence on Facebook Messenger to engage potential clients. This AI-driven chatbot conducts a discovery course, re-engages potential clients, and pushes them through the sales process. Garr Russell also handles the final sales call. He lets potential clients convince themselves of their suitability and success within the business, leading them to close the deal on their own.

Learning from Failures: A Path to Growth

Mark Savant and Garr Russell both stress the importance of learning from failures. Garr Russell has written a book titled “*”My Real Estate Story”*”, which shares his entrepreneurial journey and the lessons he’s learned. He emphasizes the value of analyzing mistakes to grow and improve continually. By recording and reviewing sales calls, Garr Russell and his business partner have been able to refine their techniques. This practice has also helped Mark realize that he spoke too much during sales calls, a valuable insight for improving communication skills.

Franchise Model: A Path to Guaranteed Success

Initially, Mark had an aversion to franchises. However, he now acknowledges their higher success rate. Garr Russell explains that investing in a franchise can be compared to getting a college degree. Both come with mentorship and a higher likelihood of success. The startup fee for Fireside RV Rental’s franchise is $50,000. This cost includes purchasing a truck, but ongoing costs are minimal. The franchise model also offers opportunities for add-on services and additional revenue streams. The discussion highlights the benefits of franchises for entrepreneurs seeking support and a proven business model.

The Power of Automation

AI and automation are critical components of Fireside RV Rental’s operations. They utilize automation tools for inquiries, sales scripts, webinars, and engaging potential franchisees. This technology streamlines processes and enhances efficiency, making it easier to scale the business. The conversation between Mark and Garr underscores the transformative power of technology in modern entrepreneurship.


Garr Russell’s journey from a personal inconvenience to a thriving business is a testament to the power of entrepreneurship. Leveraging AI, learning from failures, and dreaming big are key components of his success. For those contemplating entrepreneurship, this episode of *After Hours Entrepreneur* offers valuable insights and inspiration. It also highlights the importance of serving one’s audience, continually striving for growth, and embracing the evolving nature of entrepreneurial journeys. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner, there’s wisdom to be gleaned from Garr’s story.

Takeaways with Garr Russell

  1. Efficiency in Sales
  2. Entrepreneurial Mindset
  3. Leveraging AI in Sales


00:00 God supports Christians being prosperous and rich.

05:55 Impact the world through continuous improvement and dreaming.

08:49 Turned unused RVs into successful property service.

11:55 Major RV company offers nationwide sales and services.

13:32 RV dealership offers trial, ownership and management.

17:28 Franchise startup fee: $50,000 with minimal expenses.

20:51 Utilize AI tool chat GPT for problem-solving.

23:35 Franchise sales process: Different, accelerated, effective.

27:12 Using closing questions to guide self-realization.

31:10 Book explores struggles, successes, failures, and learning.

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