JAY FELDMAN – How to Use Cold Email and AI to Sell More

Jay Feldman is an expert in lead generation and cold outreach. With a focus on reaching out to potential clients through direct messages via email, social media, or phone calls, he teaches and implements a scalable and affordable method of generating high-quality leads. As the head of a successful agency with 65 staff members, Jay Feldman’s proven strategies have earned him accolades and a track record of achieving $10,000,000 in sales.

Are you looking to level up your lead generation game in 2024? Lead generation expert Jay Feldman discusses proven tactics and innovative strategies for successful lead generation using artificial intelligence (AI) and cold outreach. From personalization in initial outreach to leveraging AI for video responses and article writing, Jay Feldman revealed invaluable insights for optimizing lead generation efforts.

Utilizing AI to Command Attention:

To excel in cold outreach, the overarching challenge lies in capturing the attention of individuals who are unfamiliar with your brand. Jay Feldman emphasizes that the key to overcoming this obstacle is to provide value in the initial outreach. By personalizing the outreach message using AI, it becomes possible to offer something of genuine interest to the recipient, thereby building rapport and trust.

Jay Feldman discusses that AI-generated personalized messages can be tailored based on various data points, such as industry, location, or website, to increase open and reply rates substantially, making them indistinguishable from human-written content. Employing AI to stand out in the initial outreach establishes a strong foundation for subsequent interaction.

Utilizing AI to Scale and Automate Lead Generation:

A pivotal aspect of lead generation in 2024 is determining the most effective methods to acquire and engage potential leads. Jay Feldman emphasizes the value of cold outreach and highlights the accessibility and scalability of email as the primary avenue to initiate contact. AI-powered tools can aid in automating and enhancing lead generation efforts, making it possible to reach out to a broad audience while maintaining a personalized approach.

Leveraging AI to Create Unique Lead Magnets:

Jay Feldman delves into the art of creating compelling lead magnets that resonate with the audience. Traditional options like free ebooks and webinars may not always command attention. Instead, Jay Feldman advocates for innovative lead magnets, citing examples such as offering free leads or providing the first piece of media coverage for free. He demonstrates how AI integration can assist in crafting customized lead magnets and automating the delivery process, setting the stage for deeper engagement with potential clients.

Navigating the Challenges for Effective Email Delivery:

Acknowledging the challenge of email deliverability, Jay Feldman underscores the importance of technical email setup and list hygiene to steer clear of spam folders. He touches upon the impending stringent 0.03% spam threshold and outlines preventive measures, including warming up primary domains and embracing BIMI records to enhance brand credibility and protect email deliverability.

The Future of AI in Lead Generation:

Jay Feldman offers a glimpse into the future of AI in lead generation, envisioning advancements in automating video production and utilizing AI-powered chatbots for customer service. The development of tools like HeyGen.com for automating personalized video responses and integrating ChatGPT into article writing through Zapier heralds the inexorable march of AI in reshaping lead generation strategies.

In conclusion, Jay Feldman elucidates that the synergy between AI and lead generation is a dynamic force poised to redefine outreach methodologies, cementing the imperative for businesses to capitalize on this transformative technology.

Takeaways with Jay Feldman

  1. Provide value first. 
  2. Leverage personalization to engage prospects effectively.
  3. AI can empower lead-generation processes.

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