JEN MILKS PHD – Disrupt Your Mind and Body with Nutraceuticals

Jen Milks is the co-founder and CEO of GOEXEC Nutraceuticals. She holds a PHD in Health Sciences, specializing in Nutrigenomics and DNA analysis/interpretation, she has made significant contributions to the field of personalized nutrition and genetic research. She holds an MBA degree with a concentration in Entrepreneurship, Neuromarketing, and is board-certified in Biomedicine.

Jen, a leading expert in the field of nutraceuticals, delves into the topic of fasting and its impact on brain performance. Mark shares his personal experience with fasting and feeling low on energy, prompting Jen to explain how the body adapts to fasting over time. She also explores the gut-brain axis and recommends breaking a fast with protein for better cellular energy production. The conversation then shifts to nutraceuticals, with Jen shedding light on their increasing popularity as people become more proactive in optimizing their health. She discusses the benefits of nutraceuticals in preventing illness and reducing the need for prescription medications.

Takeaways with Jen Milks:

  1. Benefits of fasting
  2. Maximum performance with Nutraceuticals
  3. AI’s role in medicine

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