JORDAN ISROW – AI Destroys the Legal Field

Jordan Isrow is a distinguished attorney and dedicated public servant known for his extensive expertise, strong community leadership, and devotion to his clients. He is a jack of all trades who has developed the reputation of being a powerhouse trial attorney and strategic advisor with a wealth of knowledge and experience across a diverse range of practice areas.  He is licensed in Florida and New York and focuses his practice on complex litigation, commercial transactions, corporate counseling and government affairs.

The legal industry stands at a transformative crossroads. Technological advancements, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), are revolutionizing traditional practices. Meanwhile, disputes over the necessity of formal education continue to stir. ‘After Hours Entrepreneur,’ in its latest episode, features legal maven Jordan Isrow, who delves into these pressing topics.

The AI Effect on Legal Practice

Initially, the conversation gravitates toward AI’s impact on the legal domain. While AI promises efficiency, it poses a conundrum for the modern attorney. Mark Savant and his guest, Jordan Isrow, discuss the fine line between efficiency and expertise. To illustrate, they recount an incident involving AI-generated false case law — a serious reminder of why human oversight remains crucial. Furthermore, the duo expresses concerns about an emerging skills gap if lawyers over-rely on AI.

Education System in Dilemma

Subsequently, the dialogue shifts to the educational landscape. Mark Savant and Jordan Isrow challenge the education system’s sluggish adaptation to technological innovations. Debate ensues over the relevance of higher education, with emphasis on the shift in state regulations, like waiving bar and LSAT requirements. Moreover, they touch on college debt, the impact of government subsidies on pricing, and compelling arguments for changes within the education system. Conversely, Jordan asserts the importance of foundational legal knowledge, advocating for a balanced approach to legal education.

Globalization and Its Implications

In terms of globalization, the discussion unfolds into the value of labor and merit in a global market. Mark and Jordan Isrow address the potential for job outsourcing due to American wage demands. They ponder the short-term impacts on American workers, highlighting potential conflicts arising from job displacement and economic shifts. Yet, the host remains positive, viewing current trends as harboring abundant opportunities.

Small Business, Big Advantages

Continuing, a comparison emerges between small businesses and large corporations. The pair acknowledge the agility of small entities to adapt and thrive in the evolving marketplace. They convey an optimistic outlook on the integration of technology, underlining its usage as the key determinant of its potential.

Personal Belief and Career Choice

A heartfelt tangent follows as Jordan Isrow reflects on his son’s aspirations to enter the legal field. He underscores the significance of passion and belief in one’s chosen profession, linking it to potential success. He offers contact details for Jordan Isrow Legal, emphasizing his commitment to serving clients.

AI’s Edge and Limits

The efficacy of AI in handling administrative tasks is recognized as a strong advantage. However, the unique human capacity for analysis and judgement in crafting legal argumentation remains irreplaceable. Mark and Jordan Isrow agree that while AI may streamline processes, it could also lead to job losses in certain roles.

Efficiency vs Profit in Law Firms

Jordan Isrow shares his experience at Pure Counsel, pointing out the industry’s predicament between revenue goals and client-centered service. Their conversation touches upon how efficiency can lead to a devaluation of work, citing parallels within creative industries.

Copyrights and Creativity with AI

Before concluding, they engage in an intriguing discussion around copyrights spurred by AI creations. They mention a peculiar case of a monkey’s selfie to highlight copyright complexities in the age of AI.

Legal Careers: Broadening Horizons

As the episode draws to a close, advice to aspiring legal professionals rings clear. They urge listeners to consider the financial and professional ROI of a legal education. With legal tech growing, non-traditional legal roles are emerging as enticing paths.

Takeaways with Jordan Isrow

  1. AI boosts legal task efficiency.
  2. Human touch is irreplaceable.
  3. Adapt and innovate.


00:00 Legal industry evolved with technology, particularly AI.

03:43 Law schools stress foundational knowledge despite technology.

07:00 Lawyers vary in approach, AI streamlines tasks.

12:25 Questioning future need for expensive attorney assistance.

15:47 Lawyers face ethical dilemmas to balance work-life.

19:45 Higher education’s financial investment must be considered.

22:03 States may waive some bar exam requirements.

26:47 Improved employee life through overseas opportunities and pay.

27:26 Globalization impacts labor costs, automation’s effectiveness, future parity.

31:36 Son wants to be lawyer, future uncertainty.

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