PATRICK SAMAHA – Team Communication with Tech and AI

Patrick Samaha is the founder of several media, ecommerce and ad tech companies based out of Dubai, with 25 years experience in the Mena region. He is the CEO of and leads a team of over 60 people.

In this episode, Patrick discusses the challenges of leading a team of 60 people in the modern age. He emphasizes the importance of synchronizing the team with the company’s mission and objectives, especially when dealing with a diverse workforce of different ages and skillsets. To address this, Patrick promotes a culture of inclusion, encouraging employees to feel connected and involved in decision-making processes.

To overcome the communication challenges in a virtual work environment, Patrick highlights the need to create a virtual culture and leverage technology like chat platforms to facilitate team communication. He advocates for effective delegation and trusting employees to make their own decisions, allowing them to take ownership and become future leaders.

Patrick also discusses the role of AI in improving business operations and decision-making. He uses AI to ask better questions, gain insights, and innovate in his company. However, he acknowledges the importance of responsible AI use and raises concerns about the potential risks associated with it.

Overall, Patrick emphasizes the significance of continuous learning, adapting to change, and embracing technology to build a successful and inclusive company culture in the modern age.

Takeaways with Patrick Samaha:

  • Discover why giving employees room to fail is essential for effective team communication
  • Learn about top-down vision and how it can lead to building successful organizations
  • Gain insights on the future of team communication and why Zoom meetings suck

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