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Jack Craven is a renowned executive coach and the creator of the Aliveness Mindset, a transformative approach designed to help individuals and leaders unlock their passion, purpose, and joy. With a background in senior-level leadership and extensive experience coaching top-tier executives, Jack has a unique ability to guide others in discovering their most vibrant, authentic selves.

Know Your Peak Creative Hours

Jack Craven emphasizes the importance of identifying your most creative hours. During these peak times, you should focus on high-value tasks. Avoid low-level activities like responding to emails. Instead, invest this time in deep, creative work. For Jack Craven, this means starting his day as early as 3:09 AM. However, he acknowledges that everyone’s optimal schedule is different.

Experiment to Find Your Creative Zone

Don’t box yourself in with preconceptions about your productivity patterns. According to Jack Craven, it’s essential to experiment. Try different routines to discover when you’re most effective. For instance, while he’s a morning person, his afternoon bike rides are also a creative period. He records ideas on his iPhone during these rides, turning a physical activity into a productive brainstorming session.

Embrace Deep Work for Maximum Productivity

Mark Savant, the host, highlights the concept of “deep work.” This involves extended periods of focused effort. Savant has found that waking up early aids in achieving deep work. This practice helps avoid distractions like kids or phone calls. But how do you assess if this strategy works for you?

Avoid Limiting Beliefs

Jack Craven advises against limiting beliefs. Phrases like “I’m not a morning person” can be restrictive. Instead, add the word “yet.” For example, instead of saying “I’m not a morning person,” say “I’m not a morning person yet.” This simple change can help reframe your mindset and open up new possibilities.

Moving Beyond Mission Statements

Often, businesses emphasize mission statements. But Jack Craven proposes an alternative. He focuses on identifying what makes you feel most alive each day. This daily aliveness can be a powerful motivating force, more compelling than any mission statement.

Identify Key Elements That Energize You

Jack Craven uses keywords to guide his day: play, connect, learn, grow, and impact. Regularly revisiting these elements ensures he stays energized and motivated. This personalized approach can help you feel more alive and engaged in both business and personal life.

Harnessing AI for Improved Workflow

Mark Savant is excited about the potential of AI, especially ChatGPT. For instance, AI can consolidate meeting notes into actionable insights within seconds. This capability is invaluable for consultants and coaches. It allows them to quickly identify client themes and focus areas.

Automating Preliminary Tasks

AI can also streamline your hiring process. Savant shares how he used ChatGPT to rank job applicants based on specific criteria. This reduced the time spent on interviews and allowed him to focus on top candidates. The lesson? Use AI to handle preliminary tasks, so you can focus on high-impact activities.

Addressing Common Entrepreneurial Problems

High-performing CEOs often deal with similar issues, according to Jack Craven. They might have financial success but lack life balance. They may also be stuck in routines that don’t serve them.

Letting Go of Limiting Fears

Fear often ties back to core needs: approval, control, and security. Jack Craven helps clients identify and overcome these fears. For example, he counseled a leader to let go of the need for the founder’s approval. This shift allowed the leader to step into his power and trust his abilities.

Clarity Through Balanced Intelligence

Jack Craven introduces the idea of three centers of intelligence: head, heart, and gut. Each offers unique wisdom. Decisions become more powerful and clear when all three are balanced.

Access All Centers of Intelligence

Different situations may require different centers of intelligence. Entrepreneurs should rely not only on their primary intelligence center but also cultivate the others. This approach leads to better decision-making.


Jack Craven’s insights provide practical strategies for entrepreneurs. By optimizing creative hours, embracing deep work, and using AI, you can boost your productivity. Furthermore, identifying what makes you feel alive each day can offer a fresh perspective on personal and professional growth. In an ever-evolving business landscape, these strategies can help you stay ahead.

Takeaways with Jack Craven

  1. Maximize your most creative hours.
  2. Trust and expand your intuition.
  3. Embrace feedback for transformation.


00:00 Don’t limit yourself, embrace growth and experimentation.

04:40 Consolidating old meeting transcripts for valuable insights.

07:31 Transitioning from employee to employer brings challenges.

12:04 Entrepreneurs need ruthless time management for productivity.

13:20 Identifying fears, seeking self-approval, and empowerment.

16:21 Feedback leads to transformation and growth for leaders.

19:44 Coaching session focused on life challenges and potential.

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