LOGAN FORSYTH – Social Media Hacks for 150 Million Views

Logan Forsyth is the Founder and Co-CEO of Media Scaling, generating for their clients over 3.5 billion views and 24M+ followers through short-form content. Media Scaling works with large personal brands, podcasts, and creators, guaranteeing up to 150M views in 90 days and also offers coaching with guaranteed results.

The Magnitude of Content Management

Logan Forsyth manages an impressive volume of content, posting over 26,000 pieces monthly. This results in over 300,000 pieces yearly. To handle this, Logan has a robust team that includes data analysts and a software engineer. They developed an API scraper to manage data from various social platforms. The company employs 114 people with a clear organizational hierarchy. Different teams include social media managers, editors, data analysts, and sales reps.

The Power of Custom Software and Internal Development

Logan Forsyth emphasizes the significant value of internal software development. The company’s custom tools contribute immensely to its overall value. Additionally, the software helps streamline processes and manage significant data. For instance, their API scraper integrates data from multiple social media platforms seamlessly. Thus, the team can focus on creating and optimizing content rather than data collection.

The Intricacies of Hiring Talent

Hiring the right talent is crucial for success. Logan Forsyth likens the hiring process to a sales process. It all starts with compelling job ads that focus on the company’s mission. Candidates who prioritize impact and purpose over pay are often the best fit. The interview process assesses willingness to work long hours, urgency, and autonomy. High-level positions even require 90-day game plan presentations.

Effective Hiring Processes and Automation

Mark Savant shares his automation system for filtering applicants. This system reduced the initial volume of applicants by 60-70%. The system uses a form, AI analysis, and rating to narrow down candidates. Logan’s company employs mini-assessments, such as video submissions before interviews, to evaluate communication skills. Speed in hiring is essential, and AI chatbots might play a role in initial interactions in the future.

Crafting Social Media Hooks

Creating an effective video hook is crucial for retaining viewer attention. Logan Forsyth stresses that hooks must generate curiosity and retention. This increases watch time, crucial for viral content creation. The hook length should be adjusted based on the video’s duration. Introducing oneself at the start helps cater to both existing and new audiences.

Repurposing Content for Maximum Reach

Logan’s team repurposes long-form content into high-quality short-form clips. These clips flood social media platforms. This approach helps creators achieve millions of organic views. Moreover, Logan’s agency guarantees up to 150 million organic views in 90 days for clients who fit their ideal profile.

Utilizing AI in Content Creation

AI tools are becoming increasingly relevant. Mark and Logan discuss AI tools like Opus clips. While these tools offer significant benefits, they still have limitations. Human editing remains essential for crucial tasks like adding custom b-roll. Custom b-roll leads to more personalized content, better suited for specific brands.

Content Posting and Engagement Strategies

Posting multiple times daily across platforms is vital. AI can assist in generating marketing materials and ideas. However, human creativity and critical thinking are equally important. Mark highlights that viral content depends on clicks, watch duration, and shares, not just subscriber count.

Comprehensive Offers and Service Levels

Logan discusses various levels of offers for different clients. The core offer aims to drive significant results. However, services that manage main social media accounts and post content across platforms also provide value. Understanding the client’s specific needs helps tailor the approach to drive results.

Final Thoughts and Connecting with Logan

Building a brand and creating content still present opportunities, although it requires effort and quality. Logan Forsyth promotes his website, mediascaling.com, and his approach of providing valuable content. He advises aspiring content creators to set themselves apart to attract and retain an audience.

In conclusion, the insights from Logan Forsyth and Mark Savant shed light on managing massive content volumes, hiring strategies, and leveraging AI. By incorporating these strategies, brands can optimize their content and engagement, signaling a brighter future in digital media.

Takeaways with Logan Forsyth

  1. Ensure quality through structured hiring.
  2. Optimize content repurposing tactics.
  3. Leverage AI tools strategically.


00:00 – Introduction to Logan and Mediascaling.com

03:17 – Massive content management: Key strategies and tools

07:45 – The role of an API scraper in social media data management

10:02 – Importance of internal software development

12:35 – Discussion on the organizational hierarchy with 114 employees

15:50 – Hiring process compared to sales funnel strategies

19:27 – Guaranteeing 150 million views through organic growth

25:13 – Creating high-volume, high-quality short-form content

27:59 – Ideal Client Profile (ICP) and its significance

30:46 – Role of AI tools like Opus clips in content creation

34:21 – Essential editing techniques: custom b-roll, jump cuts, pacing

40:55 – Using hooks effectively to captivate social media audiences

45:32 – Tailored services for clients not ready for the core offer

49:15 – AI in consulting and enhancing marketing strategies

53:10 – Critical thinking in integrating AI for creative results

56:22 – Final thoughts and promotion of Mediascaling.com

Connect with Logan Forsyth

Website: http://mediascaling.com/

Instagram: https://instagram.com/loganforsyth

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@loganforsyth

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/loganforsyth

Connect with Mark Savant

Launch and Automate Your Podcast: www.marksavantmedia.com

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/mark-savant-ba777145/