JESSIE LIZAK – Cold Email Tech Stack 101

Jessie Lizak is a fractional CMO and marketing consultant. She is founder & CEO of Reveting, a company dedicated to empowering both individuals and teams in building and elevating their personal brands, with a special focus on LinkedIn and Live Streaming.

Revolutionizing your approach to cold emailing can be a game-changer for engaging potential customers. In a riveting episode with Jessie Lizak, founder of reviting, the After Hours Entrepreneur podcast delves into the nuances of crafting cold emails that lead to sales without being spammy.

Protect Your Primary Domain

The first rule of cold emailing is to shield your primary domain from potential damage. Using it for cold outreach can trigger spam filters and tarnish your domain’s reputation. Consequently, switch to multiple secondary domains and utilize intelligent tools like SmartLead, which Jessie Lizak endorses. They regulate email volume per domain, preventing the dreaded spam label.

Choose the Right Tools

Selecting the right emailing tools is crucial for the health of your campaigns. Opt for those which manage domains effectively and help maintain a steadfast sender reputation. With a myriad of options available, look for tools that assist in ensuring your emails hit the inbox with authenticity.

Where to Acquire Your Cold Email Lists

Your email list is your campaign’s foundation. Data-rich services like Lead Magic and Apollo offer valuable insights for strategic targeting. For smaller businesses, Clay brings technographic data to the table, pinpointing potential customers who are likely to resonate with your message.

Crafting Your Cold Email Message

In personalizing emails, go beyond the first name. Make your content relevant to the recipient’s needs and interests. Jessie Lizak advises against including links and images that can set off spam detectors. Instead, leverage AI tools to create distinctive and relevant messages without clutter.

Use AI Responsibly

Not all AI tools are equal in performance and suitability. Choose AI that helps you craft clear, compact messaging. Steer clear of tools that produce generic or overly formal content. Instead, use AI to curate messages that look like a genuine, personalized sales effort.

Handling Responses and Next Steps

Handling replies skillfully is critical to conversion. Positive responses should be evaluated before moving to CRM systems. Managing this communication well sets the stage for robust lead nurturing.

The Transition to CRM

For an efficient workflow, marrying your cold email platform with your CRM can streamline the sales process. Jessie Lizak notes that while not every platform offers CRM integration, it’s something worth pursuing or advocating for.


By implementing these strategic tips, cold emailing goes from a spammy annoyance to a precise, sales-generating tool. Not only do you protect your main domain, but you also ensure your message engages the recipients. Beyond sending thousands of generic messages, the After Hours Entrepreneur ethos is about carving a tailored path to each prospect’s inbox. With the insights from our conversation with Jessie Lizak, you’re now better equipped to orchestrate an email strategy that drives sales and grows your business exponentially.

Takeaways with Jessie Lizak

  1. Protect your primary domain.
  2. Personalization at scale.
  3. Manage your leads wisely.


00:00 Cold email, LinkedIn branding, audience connection strategies.

05:25 Maximize inbox delivery and relevance for legitimacy.

07:35 AI tools pull data to customize messaging.

11:37 Utilizing Lead Magic and Apollo for enrichment.

15:24 Sending short cold emails pitching podcast production.

17:58 Focus on positive replies for higher response rate.

20:13 Planning to expand, follow on LinkedIn.

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